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THE World Renowned Born Jovi Confirmed to perform at ROCK THE BEACON 2019

Adrian Marx & Born Jovi bring you one of the most faithful tributes to the legendary New Jersey Rockers BON JOVI, who's 25+ year career has brought us hit after hit of melodic rock including songs such as "Its My Life", "Runaway" and the anthemic rock classic "Living On A Prayer" to name but a few.

Born Jovi has been performing their tribute to BON JOVI since 2000. In 2010 during Bon Jovi’s London 02 residency leg of ’The Circle Tour’, BON JOVI’s Management asked Adrian to be the double for Jon Bon Jovi himself. In Autum 2008, Adrian was asked to go to the United States to perform his tribute to BON JOVI in New York & New Jersey - Hometown of Bon Jovi.

“A vocal style that is predominantly JON BON JOVI, Adrian Marx is blessed with a voice that will get him far”

Rob Evans - Classic Rock Magazine

Born Jovi have toured all over the including US, Middle-East, UK & Europe. In 2018 Born Jovi will be celebrating their 18th Anniversary and look forward to many more years performing the hits of the BON JOVI across the globe. And now they're confirmed with their FULL LIVE band to perform on the main stage on Saturday 3rd August 2019 at Rock The Beacon.

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