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CELESIVL Confirmed for Saturday on stage 2 at ROCK THE BEACON

CELESTIVL are a Birmingham, UK-based Modern Symphonic Metal act currently consisting of; Vocalist Saneeta Ram, guitarist and classically trained orchestral composer Daniel Carpenter, bassist Andy Morris and drummer Louisa Scarff.

Their sound is characterised by their catchy melodies, and their use of powerful orchestration, soaring vocals, heavy riffs and blistering solos, which all come together to create a memorable, modern take on the Symphonic Metal genre.

After seeing some success with their debut EP 'Our Creation', with their lead single 'Crossing the River' reaching over 140,000 views on Youtube, and following support slots with such bands as Whyzdom, Galactic Empire, Damnation Angels and Sick N Beautiful, they are ready to take their careers to the next level with their upcoming album, which will represent a huge step up in their sound, with its ambitious compositions, highly memorable songwriting, and strong performances from each member of the band, it is sure to please any fan of Symphonic Metal, and, indeed, of Metal and Music as a whole.



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