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MIVVI Announced for Sunday on the Local Band Stage at Rock The Beacon

Mivvi​ formed in early 2002, as cousins Nicky P and Big Rich got together with old time friend Tricky to create a fresh, indie pop/roc trio. After recording their first album, Mivvi vs the Machine, in 2004, Trickys brother Phil was invited to join the band, creating a fuller, more dynamic sound that they had all been looking for.

After many years of song writing, rehearsing, and playing live, the band settled down to lay down their second album, Everything Changes, in 2014. Hot on the heels of this album, the band had caught the recording bug, and after a slew of new material was written and refined over 2015, they decided to go back into the studio to record their third album, but this time, they were determined to take it up a notch and go to a life long dream producer of Nicky Ps, Pat Collier.

Mivvi put on a great show with tone rich guitars and steady blues rock rhythms and sultry vocals.

Come see them perform alongside many other local talented bands from the Walsall and Birmingham area.



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