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NHS Charity Single Released By WALSALL Band The Assist




Walsall band The Assist are back with an unembellished statement on the modern world with their new single ‘LIFE’ all in aid of NHS Charities. The track has already raised over £1000 via their Just Giving campaign. The band - who have recently evolved into a five-piece - are one of the UK’s most established underground groups, and have redefined the boundaries of independent music with their acclaimed kaleidoscopic styles, fresh impetus, hope and melody.

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New single ‘LIFE’ is an honest expression of 21st century frustration. Speaking of the current situation, lead singer Mikey said “Nurses continue to risk their lives for the sake of others, I felt that as an artist I could encourage unity and influence people to try and make a difference. Uncertainty loomed and suddenly we all had a purpose, I’d like for this song to resemble a period in history that will be remembered for the contributions of everyone when it mattered most.”

Singer Mikey Stanton has never sounded better, his tumultuous vocals soaring over the top of brother Ryan’s piercing atmospherics on guitar. Assisted by a new found rhythmic drive in the shape of Luke Jones, Bassist Jorge pool toys with the riff adding a frightening depth. Ben Faulkner’s funk-ridden and intricate percussion drives the choruses. “Unaware of your purpose so much space to fill, so desperate to hurt less to live for the thrill?” Mikey questions what seems to be a recurring theme throughout the nation right now, uncertainty. With an optimistic but realistic interpretation of the current situation we find ourselves in, Mikey delivers his vocal with a seriousness. However, his usual boisterous swagger is still apparent in certain areas of the track as he blusters through the varying dynamics. Speaking of the song, the band said, “Not enough people use their platform to promote a positive message, few things create unity like music does and as artists we felt it was our duty to try and make a difference, we always try to say something. Plenty of people have echoed our thoughts and we are proud of the positivity we have managed to spread”

Ever since forming in 2014, The Assist have had their finger on the pulse of how the modern generation consume music, soaking their soaring indie anthems with hip-hop-inflected beats, dance-tinged rhythms and blistering breakdowns. It’s this eclectic adventurism that has seen The Assist sell out venues across Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield as well as share the stage with The Happy Mondays and Blossoms. They also played in Paris with Black Honey and toured the main rooms of the UK’s O2 Academy’s with local heroes The Twang. Most recently, the five-piece completed a six-date tour across Russia, headlining Boris Yeltsin Open Air at the Ural Night Music Festival, performing in front of over 12,000 people.

‘Life’ is another entry to the band’s commendable canon, who are most certainly in the Jack Grealish category of assists. Speaking of football, the band previously enjoyed a starring slot on the landmark television show Soccer AM. While away from the pitch they’ve graced big stages at festivals such as Reading & Leeds, TRANSMT, Y-NOT and Isle of Wight. Their 2018 EP, LOST, charted in both Spotify’s ‘top 50 most streamed tracks in the UK’ and iTunes’ ‘Top 10 indie chart’, and, if a stint in Russia wasn’t impressive enough, these Brummie scamps’ sounds have sound tracked the upper-crust scandals in long-standing E4 show Made in Chelsea. You may have previously heard The Assist on BBC Radio 6 where they have been praised by the likes of Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq. As much as The Assist’s more reflective notions have shone through in their most recent releases, this track is an embodiment of who the band are as people. With 2019 came a new-found pride in their art, their biggest ever gigs, and now, an extended catalogue of youthful indie-anthems tucked into their back pocket.




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